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White Pearl 41' Tri Cabin

Rendezvous 2019 will be held on the weekend of Aug. 23 - 24 at

Ladysmith Community Marina - operated by the Ladysmith Maritime Society

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Welcome to the website of the Canoe Cove Association!

We are proud owners of boats manufactured by Canoe Cove Manufacturing in Sidney, BC. Our association’s goal is to record as many surviving Canoe Cove boats as possible. The company built 782 boats from 1958 to about 1993 on a semi production line basis. They are still producing boats on a custom order basis and are involved in repairs and rebuilding of Canoe Cove boats as well as boats made by many other manufacturers. At present we have over 130 boats registered.

Our association is a loosely organized club with no dues, no meetings, a quarterly newsletter, and an Annual Rendezvous in August where around 25 boats are registered each year. For many years the event was at Telegraph Harbour and was originally sponsored by the Factory. This ended in the early 1990s and there were no events for a number of years. Then, 14 years ago the event was revived by the owners, led by the late John Burke, who believed it was worth doing and it has been growing ever since.

For the first 6 years it continued at Telegraph Harbour but for 2010 it was at Port Browning Marina on Pender Island. It was back at
Telegraph Harbour Marina for 2011 and 2012. For 2013 and 2014 it was at Genoa Bay Marina. It was at Port Browning Marina in 2015 and 2016 and Port Sidney Marina in 2017 and Telegraph Harbour Marina in 2018.

We are always looking for new members, so if you own a Canoe Cove boat and are not a member,
please get in touch with us.

The Association is run by a volunteer group — we don’t have any elections either — who look after organizing the Rendezvous, producing the CanoeCoveR, our newsletter, ordering regalia, keeping the roster and anything else that comes up during the year.

They are as follows:

MEMBERSHIP - Catherine Russell -


TREASURERS - Terry Watling, Al Crompton


RENDEZVOUS COMMITTEE - All of the above plus Maribel Watling, Lori Crompton, Ken Klompas & M L McGill, Ed and Barb Thornton

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