We have three corporate sponsors; Dolphin Insurance, Canoe Cove Manufacturing and Hagerty Insurance. We thank them for their support. In addition to sponsoring the website Dolphin Insurance has been a sponsor of our annual Rendezvous for several years and Hagerty Insurance will be a sponsor this year. Here are a few words about our sponsors:

Dolphin Insurance - insurance broker providing a variety of insurance products for pleasure boats as well as home insurance. Members of CCA qualify for up to 20% discount.

Canoe Cove Manufacturing - builder of Canoe Cove boats from 1958 to 1993. Now does repairs, maintenance, upgrades, installations of equipment for Canoe Cove and other boats.

Hagerty Insurance - Insurance company specializing in insurance for boats
over 12 years old. No age limit. Insurance policies can be purchased direct or through any insurance broker. For more info contact: Michelle Henderson, Manager of the Underwriting Dept. 1-800-762 2628 or her direct line 705 717 8363. Her email is: mlhenderson@hagerty.com Members of CCA qualify for a 10% group rate discount.

Click on the logos below to go to their respective websites for more information.

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