The Westporter

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These are one of the more unusual boats Canoe Cove made. Five of them were made in 1970. Two were sold here, one to California, one to Hawaii and one to Ontario. Cove Mist, pictured left above, was listed with the CCA, but the owner sold it and the new owner declined to continue the membership. We hear that it may be in Alaska. If any member knows where the boat is, please let us know. Slow Motion to the right above, is the one that went to California. It is still there, home port San Diego, and is owned by one of our members. The interesting contrast here is the background, with Pacific Northwest evergreens in the Cove Mist photo and San Diego palm trees in the Slow Motion photo.

Information is a bit sketchy, but it seems that CCM thought the RCMP might be interested it this sort of boat so they were built with stronger than normal hulls. The police weren't, but they liked the hull so CCM sold several 41's in various configurations to them. The name Westporter was picked because they were originally aiming at the California market and they thought Westporter was a name that might attract sales. It didn't and after the five boats were done, no more were built. The boats were powered mainly by Perkins T6-354 diesels but Cat 3208s and 3145s were also used. However, for the Cats it was necessary to lengthen the hull under the transom step, as you can see in the photo of Cove Mist above, to provide additional buoyancy because of the weight.

We don't know the fate of the Ontario or Hawaiian boats. The other one sold here caught fire and burned to the waterline several years ago.