37 Ft. Crusader Sports Fisherman
This spec. sheet is from March 1, 1982. In addition to the Canadian price list we also have a US price list. The US list is interesting to look at as someone was interested in buying this boat and made pencil notes at the bottom. Note that they ticked the various accessories that they were interested in. It seems they wanted to be well prepared as there are two tickmarks beside the Spare Propellors and four tick marks beside the Rod Holders. The optional 32" wide transom step was also chosen. They also wanted a gas powered boat, which would be mort suitable for fishing. Can we conclude that this person was a heavy duty fisherman who liked fishing close to shore, hence the spare props in case they wacked something? Oddly, this boat did not come with an anchor winch as standard equipment and they didn't specify one in the Extra Equipment list. However, the photo of the boat appears to show a Powerwhich on the deck, which would be suitable for a rope/chain anchor setup which was standard equipment, so maybe it came with that.
37ft. Crusader Sports Fisherman

37ft. Crusader Sports Fisherman 2

37ft. Crusader Spts. Fish. Can. Prices

37ft. Crusader Spts. Fish. US Prices