Orginal Ads
In this section we have a collection of original advertising on a variety of boats. First, there is a color brouchure for a 41 ft. Coho, followed by a series of factory specification sheets on various models. Most of these are dated March/April 1980 , but there are a few later ones, so it gives you a reasonable idea of what the cost of the boats was at that point including the cost of the various accessories. Also, it clearly shows what was standard equipment and what the original floor plans were, which may be helpful if you are in the process of rebuilding/restoring your boat, or if you are just curious. The boats that we have the information on are listed as Subheadings in the header section of the website.
Windrift copy

Windrift as she looks today. The mast and foresale were added to give better stability. (Just kidding)

41 ad  1

This, and the following 3 pictures are the original ad for the 41' Coho.

41 add2

Interior layout

41 ad 4  replacement

List of Standard Equipment

41 ad 3

More Interior photos

Norway Island CC

This is a copy of an original order for a 41' Coho dated Sept, 1978. It is interesting to see how the boats were ordered then, and what the prices were. This is Page 1, the other two pages are to the right of this document.

Norway 2

Norway 3

This last page is mostly blank, but it looks like they were thinking of a garburator and changed their minds.