CCM Factory Pictures
This series of pictures provided by Don Matheson from the CCM Archives, document the developement and construction of the first 42' boat started in Jan. 1984 and launched Aug. 6, 1984. The boat first went to the Seattle Boat Show and then to Toronto for the boat show in Sept.

During Dec. a hull plug was constructed based on modifications made to the CC 41' hull.


In Jan. the 42' plug is being fiberglassed and faired.


Same as previous.

cc 31102010_00001

Next three pictures - Feb. - April the plug was faired, sanded and polished with 600 grit wet/dry to a mirror finish.

cc 10000531102010_00002


cc 10000531102010_00003


cc 10000531102010_00004

Hull plug inside plastic shelter for waxing and cleaning.

cc 10000531102010_00005

Tooling gelcoat was sprayed on the waxed plug and the fiberglass layup of the mold applied.

cc 10000531102010_00006

Mold complete with box frames capping the hull plug. Ready to be rolled out of the shop

cc 10000531102010_00007

Hull mold and plug outside.

cc 10000531102010_00008

May 7/84, the crane is picking up the hull mold and plug.

cc 10000531102010_00009

As it rolls her right side up the wood hull jig can be seen.

cc 10000531102010_00010

Continuing the roll over.

cc 10000531102010_00011

May 11 - right side up she is rolled into the fiberglass shop.

cc 10000531102010_00012

The hull plug is "popped".

cc 10000531102010_00013

The new mold is cleaned and waxed, then white gelcoat sprayed in and the hull laid up.

cc 10000531102010_00014

Hull #42-01 is now complete with stringers.

cc 10000531102010_00015

Jan. and Feb. the wood plug of the deck, salon, trunk and cockpit was constructed.

cc 10000531102010_00016

Same as previous.

cc 10000531102010_00017

Same as previous.

cc 10000531102010_00018

Same as previous.

cc 10000531102010_00019

Trunk windshield.

cc 10000531102010_00020

Trunk windshield.

cc 10000531102010_00021


cc 10000531102010_00023

March - The deck plug was figerglassed.April, May the plug was sanded and polished.

cc 10000531102010_00024

Non skid panels being fitted.

cc 10000531102010_00025

May 16 - waxing the deck plug.

cc 10000531102010_00026

All non skid panels in place.

cc 10000531102010_00027

June 12 - deck mold after being turned over & Jig removed.

cc 10000531102010_00028

Feb.March, the plug for the flybridge was constructed.

cc 10000531102010_00029

Same as previous.

cc 10000531102010_00030

April, May the bridge plug was figerglassed, sanded and polished.

cc 10000531102010_00031

The flybridge mold was layed up and completed by the end of June.

cc 10000531102010_00032

Helm under construction.

cc 10000531102010_00033

Galley underway.

cc 10000531102010_00034

Port Salon.

cc 10000531102010_00035

Starboard almost finished.

cc 10000531102010_00036

Launch Day, Aug. 6, 1984!

cc 10000531102010_00037

Same as previous.

cc 10000531102010_00038

After going to boat show in Seattle.

cc 10000531102010_00039

She was then shipped to Toronto for a Boat Show there.

cc 10000531102010_00040

Sept. 18, 1984 in Toronto.