This section of the website is devoted to the history of Canoe Cove Manufacturing. In it you will find historical photographs, stories and facts. It is still in the development stage but it will be expanded as more information is obtained and added. We encourage all members who have any historical photos, or information of any type to please send it to the Webmaster.

Here is a list of what we have on file now:

A Glass Act - this is a reprint of an article that appeared in Pacific Yachting. It covers the overall history of the company. CLICK HERE

Canadian Yachting article on the 41' Tri-Cabin from April, 1984. CLICK HERE

Commercial Boats Ad covering all the different types CCM made. CLICK HERE

CCM facts and statistics. CLICK HERE

CCM Factory Pictures - the building of the first 42' boat. CLICK HERE

Custom Built Boats. CLICK HERE


Feature article from Ocean Life a Japanese publication on the 42' Tri-Cabin. In Japanese but very interesting to look at. CLICK HERE

DND Rescue Boats. CLICK HERE