Why become a member? Well, one of the main reasons, we think, is so that you have a connection with others who have similar boats. This can prove to be invaluable, as collectively there is a large pool of knowledge. We have projects that have benefited all, such as reproducing the original pennants and door mats that Canoe Cove supplied with the boat when it was new. We are also developing a line of regalia such as hats, shirts, etc.

As we have no dues we have relied on annual donations made at the Rendezvous each August, which has been adequate up to now. We are now generating the few dollars we need using a 50/50 draw. As all communication is by email, and through this website, our cost of operation is very low.

As a member you will receive a Roster annually so you will have a complete list of members, their boats, etc. You also receive the CanoeCoveR 4 or 5 times a year, depending on the amount of information we have. In it are boat stories, pictures, Canoe Cove history, items for sale and wanted, and anything else of interest.

So, there is no downside to joining. Just let us know you are interested by sending an email to
nilecathy@gmail.com and we will do the rest!