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Black Duck and Albatross featured in Harbour and Shipping

The article below appeared in the January 1986 issue of Harbour and Shipping and is reproduced with their permission. It covers the two boats built for the Dept. of National Defence and accepted by them Nov. 9, 1985. The boats were known as Black Duck and Albatross. They were based on the 53 foot hull, which was further strengthened to take the increased horsepower and speed.They were powered by two Detroit Diesel 12V-71T1 engines of 560BHP each producing a top speed of 22 knots and a bollard pull of 8000 Kilograms. We also included the back cover picture used in the International Paint ad. Both vessels are still in service.

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Rescue Vessels Cover Page
Page 1, Rescue Vessels
Page 2, Rescue Vessels
Page 3, Rescue Vessels
Page 4, Rescue Vessels
Page 5, Rescue Vessels
Back Cover, Rescue Vessels