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Canoe Cove Association - RCMP Patrol Boats

To Promote the Ownership and Enjoyment of Boats Manufactured
by Canoe Cove Manufacturing

RCMP patrol boats manufactured by CCM. The pictures of Rivett, Regina with helicopter and Pearkes are courtesy of Peter Vassilopoulos from the book on RCMP Marine History that he helped finish. More information on the book can be found on his website: www.marineguides.com (Sorry, I can't do a live link from a photo page. Please Copy/Paste the address into your browser window.) The photo of MP 59 - the first one built, and the two photos of the MV Pearkes on the Christening Day - are courtesy of Don Matheson -CCM.

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Dust Cover of RCMP Marine History Book
PV Rivett Carmac
Regina and Helicopter
MP90 Pearkes
MP90 Pearkes
MP90 Pearkes
MP90 as she looks today. She is located in California
MP90 Underway
MP74 The Dufferin
MP74 as she looks today. Now called Tsonokwa, located in Alaska
Another view of Tsonokwa
Stern view of Tsonokwa extended transom step